Dental Veneers in North York

Patient getting dental veneers in North York

Dental Veneers Near You

Many of our patients with significant damage to their front teeth choose porcelain veneers as a permanent cosmetic solution. With dental veneers near you, our dentists have the flexibility to make dramatic changes to the look of your smile, including enhancements to the shape, colour, size, and alignment of your teeth.

Permanently Enhance Your Smile Without Braces

Dental veneers near you are extremely thin, stain-resistant shells constructed of porcelain and designed to beautify your teeth. Our dentists have your dental veneers in North York custom-made in a professional dental laboratory. After preparing your teeth, we permanently bond the veneers to the front sides of the front teeth. The result is perfect, straight teeth that will stay in place and don’t require additional care. Dental veneers in North York are perfect for patients whose teeth do not respond well to whitening solutions, or who have minor misalignments and want to avoid braces.

Girl smiling after getting dental veneers nearby

A Solution for Damaged or Discoloured Teeth

Dental veneers near you are one of the most popular options for cosmetic restorations for the front teeth. If you have been hiding your smile because of flaws in your teeth, reach out to our experienced cosmetic dentists in North York today to book a consultation and find out if dental veneers in North York are right for you.

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