Endodontics in North York

Endodontics in North York

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When infection or inflammation affects the tooth pulp, an endodontist can help diagnose the issue and plan a treatment that offers the best possible patient outcomes. Endodontists near you are highly trained specialists with an expansive knowledge of procedures such as root canals. Endodontists in North York understand how the various components of the teeth and mouth work together, and how issues can be contained and removed easily.

Endodontic Procedures

Depending on your specific situation, endodontists in North York may perform one of several procedures related to the root canals of the teeth. Root canal treatments are extremely common. However, there are also circumstances when the disease reemerges after a root canal, and a root canal retreatment is necessary. Finally, root canal surgery may be needed in extreme cases, including apicoectomies or root-end resections, all which can be performed by our endodontists near you.

Endodontics in Near You

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If you have severe tooth pain, you may need endodontic treatment to relieve pain and treat infections. Be sure to book an appointment with our experienced endodontists near you at Bayview Village Dental right away.

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