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Advance Dental Technology

Patient treated with the help of advanced dental technology in North York

Dental Technology Services

Advanced dental technology in North York is advancing quickly, with many researchers and dental experts working on ways to improve care and enhance the patient experience. Our dental office is fully equipped with a wide range of tools that we use to ensure we can deliver exceptional dental care for all of the various needs of our patients.

CBCT Scanner

The CBCT scanner (cone beam computed tomography) is a three-dimensional radiograph that allows us to capture detailed x-ray images of the head, face, and mouth. The clear and sharp images delivered by the CBCT scanner can be used for diagnostics and treatment planning.

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Intraoral Scanner

Although our highly trained dentists can see a lot just from looking inside your mouth, it’s easier when we have a complete and accurate picture to work from. Using the intraoral scanner, we can capture and amalgamate hundreds of pictures to create a single 3D image of the mouth. This advanced dental technology in North York helps us communicate our findings in a dental exam and cleaning to you, providing you with information you can use to make confident decisions about your oral health.

Dental Lasers

We use dental lasers for a variety of functions in our dental clinic. Lasers are particularly useful for cutting both hard and soft tissue with extreme accuracy. There are many benefits to the use of this advanced dental technology in North York and as dental lasers become more advanced, they allow us to deliver more precise care.

Patient treated with the help of dental technology in North York


The VELscope is a tool we use to aid us in the screening and diagnosis of oral cancer. The tool is a simple blue light that can be shone into the mouth to highlight abnormalities of the soft tissue and mucosal tissue. In combination with our other methods and techniques for oral cancer screening, the VELscope helps us provide patients with early diagnoses so they can access treatment quickly.

iTero Scanner

The iTero is a technology designed to measure a patient’s mouth using precise imaging technology to capture the small details in the mouth. This technology makes it easier than ever for dentists to gain more insight into their patients’ oral health while providing a comfortable patient experience.

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