Tooth Extractions in North York

Tooth Extractions Near You

Our experienced dental team at Bayview Village Dental provides quick and comfortable procedures for tooth extractions near you. We use advanced treatment planning tools to ensure that your tooth removal is performed with the least impact to your mouth and the surrounding teeth.

Little patient getting tooth extraction in North York
teeth extractions near you

Reasons Your Dentist May Recommend Tooth Extractions Near You

Although removing the teeth is typically a last resort, there are many reasons it can be beneficial for your overall oral health. Some of the reasons our dentists may recommend tooth extractions in North York include:

  • Infections or abscesses that can’t be treated effectively with a root canal procedure.
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment, which could be more effective if the remaining teeth have more room to shift.
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted or may cause overcrowding in the mouth.
  • Milk teeth (baby teeth) that are not falling out quickly enough for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Simple Tooth Extractions Procedures

Our dental team is fully equipped to perform simple tooth extractions near you from our office in Toronto. After reviewing your overall health and the x-rays of the tooth and surrounding areas, we will book you in for tooth extractions in North York using local anesthesia. If a tooth is severely impacted or requires surgery to safely extract it, we can provide a referral to an oral surgeon in North York.

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