North York Dentures


A denture is a restorative measure for replacing your missing teeth. One might not know it, but missing teeth can have a very negative effect on your oral health, general health and your personality. If you’re missing some of your teeth, our Bayview Village dentist might recommend a partial denture. For those who are missing all their teeth, our dentist will recommend a complete denture. Depending on your oral health condition and your convenience, your dentist will discuss with you all your options, including your preference for removable or fixed dentures. Partial and full dentures, both need some preparatory work to successfully provide you with a perfect fit. We will make sure you leave our office with a comfortably fitted denture that looks, feels and functions just like your original teeth. With time, dentures might get loose. This happens because of changes in your jaw structure, bones and gums. While it is possible to adjust your denture depending on your jaw changes, it is also possible to stabilise the denture with dental implants. The latter option guarantees a solid and stable denture, disregardful of any changes that might occur to your bone tissue. Let us help you take a step closer to proper chewing and improved speech and confidence.

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