Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear Root Canals


Root Canal Treatment

September 15, 2021

There are a few common reactions to the words “root canal,” including panic, fear, and cringing. There are many common misconceptions about root canal therapy in North York, so it is no wonder that so many people are fearful of the procedure. In this blog post, our team at Bayview Village Dental sets the record straight about root canal treatment so that you can go into this procedure feeling knowledgeable and comfortable.

Who Requires a Root Canal?

Your tooth is made of three main layers; the outer, protective layer is called the enamel, underneath that is the dentin, and in the very center of your tooth is the pulp, which is what contains the tooth root. If tooth decay is not treated promptly, it can spread to the root, causing the pulp to become inflamed or infected. This can lead to painful toothaches and can cause the tooth to die if the decay is not removed. Therefore, if it is determined that you have infected tooth pulp, you will need to undergo root canal treatment near you.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

When you visit our team at Bayview Village Dental for a root canal, our dentist in North York will first numb the area around the affected tooth so that you don’t feel any pain. They will then remove the pulp and clean out the canals to ensure that there are no remaining bacteria. Finally, they will fill the canals to protect the root from infection and seal the tooth.
After you have healed, you will need to return to our dental clinic to place a dental crown over the treated tooth. This will provide it with strength and support and ensure that you maintain a healthy smile for years to come.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

If you have ever had a dental filling, then you already know what to expect when it comes to a root canal. For the most part, root canal treatment is painless, and it is important to keep in mind that the pain you experience from the infection far outweighs the pain associated with root canal treatment. So, don’t let the fear of pain from a root canal stop you from getting this tooth-saving treatment.
It is normal to experience slight discomfort and sensitivity for a few days after your procedure, but this is temporary and can often be managed with over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. If you are very nervous about pain during your treatment, speak to our dentist near you about sedation options to make your visit less stressful.

Visit Bayview Village Dental

If you require a root canal, don’t panic. Root canals are safe, easy, and effective procedures that eliminate pain and maintain your oral health. Take comfort in the fact that you are doing something to protect your oral health and maintain your stunning smile. At Bayview Village Dental, we are happy to provide our patients with root canal treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals to book your consultation today. Our team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment to feel safe and comfortable moving forward.

We look forward to helping you maintain a stunning smile for a lifetime.